About Me

I took up photography about 20 years ago, I have lived in the Westcountry all my life and have always been interested in wildlife. I purchased a cheap camera outfit and bought and read many books and magazines on how a camera works, and the techniques used to take great photographs. I soon found out that wildlife photography was a very difficult subject to choose, but with my knowledge of the animals natural habitat, feeding habits, and with hours and hours of patience, I found that I had at last found a hobby that would give me the best of both worlds, seeing and studying wildlife, and capturing it on film or the new fantastic digital format.

Some of the pictures you will see on this site have taken me a week, a month, and as long as a year to capture. I can't begin to explain the tremendous feeling I get when I am sat in my hide, in the middle of a wood, watching a Badger emerge from its sett, sniffing the cold night air. I have been amazed with the amount of interest in my work, and have had several pictures published in magazines, and regularly in our excellent local newspaper, the Western Morning News. I was lucky to feature in a television programme, where I was filmed photographing badgers. I am often asked to give talks at schools and camera clubs and find this a great way of passing on my knowledge of the beautiful wildlife that surrounds us.

I hope you enjoy the sites contents, and would love to hear from you on any comments you may have, or of any wildlife subjects you may like to share. Regards, Colin F Sargent.

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